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As a designer, everything in my art revolves around aesthetics. All the elements attractive, the colors present in a space must blend. Everything must be meticulously placed. The purpose of everything is unique, so its form must be unique. Functionality and design go hand in hand. The idea is always to create something amazing. For something to be genuinely amazing it has to translate, people need to understand an idea or the idea is lost. Graphic design, Web design, Product design… Landscape design. They are all the same. My dream is to leave behind a legacy of wonderful ideas, that were as exquisite as they were useful. Anything in life can carry a piece of this dream, it only needs to be drawn by design…


“The Design Lab isn’t really a lab, its an idea. Its the idea that something can be created from nothing. Its the idea that given a beginning in innovation, and refining in practical design, everything can be made sensible, practical,┬ábeautiful, and lasting.”

– MJHdesigner