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“Your company logo is the first thing people see and how

they will identify you in the future”




Logo Design
  • Vault-Logo

  • Empire-Text

  • Empire-Sheild

  • Redline-Logo

  • Footsteps-Logo

  • Footless-Text

  • Footless-Logo

  • Legacy-Logo

  • IEM-Logo

  • Maximum-Dudes-Logo










A good logo should make a strong statement about you. Who are you? Your logo can say everything you want your customer hear without ever saying anything. Different industries tend to follow different design styles, but all logos have some consistent characteristics. Clean and crisp when printed small or large on any background. It should be eye catching and easy for your customer to recognize and remember, so you can easily be found and never confused with something else. Most importantly your logo should present well, and represent you in a professional manner that sets you apart.