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“Print is dead, the internet has replaced it…

That actually makes me laugh every time I hear it.”




Print Design
  • LHS-Trifold

  • LHS-Book

  • Irie-Underground-Posters

  • Redline-Print-Materials

  • Shypna-Cards

  • Shypna-Board

  • Supercamp-Print-Materials

  • Footless-Print-Materials

  • Small-Format-Layout










Print is far from dead. Print is changing and finding a balance with its new friend digital. I challenge any SEO mastermind to generate traffic and create a strong enough online presence to forgo a product catalog, a business card, an ad in a magazine. That timeless flyer with the text askew to show that your band doesn’t care much for order. The clean professional trifold brochure that says: we know what were doing. A crisp image of a modeled product with your logo seamlessly blended in. Well please make sure you pass the obituary on to Ralph Lauren, to Rolex, to Apple, to Ferrari… They must not have heard the tragic news.