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“People love swag. The company tee, the giveaway pen,

the embroidered towel set.”




Product Design
  • School-Shirts

  • IEM-Shirt-Worn

  • Skate-Rat-Shirt-Layout

  • Footless-Shirts

  • Footless-Decks

  • Footless-Duo-Deck










Well, maybe not the towel set so much… Your products are you, when you, are absent. It doesn’t matter if its going to be put on a shelf and sold, or given to anyone who wants one. When something has your name on it, its a big deal. The graphics, flawless and sensible. Arranged well and maximized, not overdone or out of place. They just need to be right. The quality and nature of the product and the aesthetic it creates are an extension of your culture and image. Company uniforms, a product line, giveaway gear. It all reflects and represents who you are.